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March 29 2012


Asthma Care

If asthma is detected in the tests then you will have to begin with the proper treatment in order to control it. Monitoring your asthma is a vital step of controlling it, which means, one needs to keep a check on whether the asthma is improving or getting worse. This makes it easy for your doctor to prescribe medicines and to change the dosage, if necessary.
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October 03 2011


cough variant asthma children

Cough variant asthma іѕ quite common in young children especially those whο аrе have been suffering from juvenile asthma when younger. Signs of aggravated Cough variant asthma саn lead to sneezing accounting to breathlessness. In regard to asthma in children it’s very important that the care giver explain the symptoms and possible triggers to the child, make the child understand the importance of keeping a inhaler handy and using it for control than relief. Hand in hand make the child realize one does not need a major lifestyle change to deal with asthma.
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